Wish List

HAY - We can always use donations of hay. If you can deliver it even better. 

Feed - We always are in need of feed. Grain, Corn Oil, Beet Pulp, Horse Treats .

MONEY- This will help us with day to day expenses.  

GATES & PANELS - We go through a surprisingly lot of gates and panels. Do you have any or know anyone who has any in good condition which they no longer need?

FENCING MATERIALS - We use wood and barbed wire fencing. We use both wood posts and t-posts. Any materials to construct new or expand/repair our old fences is always appreciated. 

RUN-IN SHED - We need more run-in sheds as well as tack/storage sheds/barns. If you have and old one that can be transported maybe we can arrange to come get it. Or if you have materials to build same, we could probably arrange the labor to construct it. 

100 Gallon water trough -we can use these in our corrals. 

Feeding Trough- we have several feeding stalls.

Stall cleaning equipment: muck forks, muck buckets, shavings.

Stall mats.

Tack: Halters, Leads, Saddles, Pads, Bareback Pads, Bits, Bridles, Carts, Harnesses.

Sand and Gravel for Drive and Arena.

Syringes and Needles, Sterile Gauze, Extra Absorbent Square Pads, Vet Wrap,Triple   Antibiotic Cream  

  (We also accept donations of items we can sell. Thanks for your support.) 

Help Our Cause

 Startup Costs - $1,000 

Buying a horse is the cheapest thing you will ever do as a horse owner. Before you get your horse home, you'll need tack to move it around, safe fences to contain it, a three-sided shelter to protect it, a round pen to work it, buckets to feed it, grooming supplies, feed, a reliable hay supply. 

Feed - $1,500/year 

An average horse weighs about 1,100 pounds and needs 1.5 to 2.5% of its weight in hay and grain, every day. A 50-pound bag of grain costs about $15. Depending on whether your horse has access to pasture, plan to spend at least $1,000 a year. The better the feed, the more you pay. 

Hoof Care - $800/year 

Unless you know how to trim and shoe a horse, you'll need to pay a farrier to check your horse's feet every 6-8 weeks. While many owners think this is optional - it's not. A  farriers can run $35 to $50 for bare feet. If your horse needs shoes, plan to pay more than $100. 

Veterinarian $500/year 

If you're blessed and your horse is in good health and not prone to accidents (Ha!), you'll average about $500 per year on preventive care like checkups, sheath cleaning (geldings), vaccines, de-worming and dental work. For each emergency, double your annual cost.

Boarding - $6,000/year

If you have your own land and safe shelter, plan on spending about $800 a year for upkeep. The cost to board a horse can run anywhere from $250 a month to $1,000, depending upon your expectations. On average, you'll probably pay $400 a month for access to hay, pasture and grain.

Training - $700/month   

Depending on your level of experience, you might want to hire a professional trainer to help you learn your new horse. (We highly recommend it.) If a trainer takes your horse for 30 days, expect to pay between $400 and $700. By the hour, they charge $35 to $50. 

     Average cost to care for a horse per year 

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